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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Interview with World Fat-Loss Experts
Last night I was interviewed by renowned fitness-expert and all-round good guy Virgil Aponte.

This was Virgil's latest project - World Fat Loss experts- due to be released in September.

I spoke with Virgil about my preference for short intense workouts 5-6 times per week, how exercise needs to become part of your life in order for fat-loss to be permanent, the advantage a low-tech exercise in which we use little or no equipment, the need for exercise to be Mindful, and my number one nutrition tip that no one else ever discusses...

.. the acid-alkaline balance in the body and why you'll never lose fat if you're over-acid. In fact if you're over-acid that fat just might be saving your life.

I'll summarize the interview with Virgil and post it here soon. So watch this space for more details if you're at interested in fat loss and optimal health.
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