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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Make your Exercise an Adventure
I'm a big believer that exercise needs to be fun and exciting if you honestly expect to make it an integral part of your life!

I encourage my clients to try different activities - horse riding, rock climbing, kayaking, kickboxing- and I encourage them to get outside as often as possible.

Rather than doing an hour of "cardio" on a treadmill while watching the News and getting thoroughly stressed out at the state of the world.... get outside with your family and go for a hike or bike ride. You'll get many more health and fitness benefits and you'll feel good about the world rather than down on it.

My favorite Saturday morning tradition over the last few months has been to load up my day pack with weight (normally about 60 pounds) grab my trusty dog Jade and head off on a 7 mile loop around the reservoir. The run takes me about an hour but the combination of the pack and scenery takes me back to the mountains of Africa that I explored in my youth. I may only be 6 miles from the house but I feel like I'm in a different worlds for that hour.

The great feelings from my mini-adventure will last for days. Even now, 3 days later, I still feel energized and zestful.

I encourage you to start thinking about your fitness training in a different way. Make your workouts an adventure and see the benefits carry over into every aspect of your life.

Cheers... to your health & happiness,

Giles Wiley - TheFitnessGentleman
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