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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
OA - that's BS
We all get the occasional snap, crackle and pop of the joints…

In fact, just the other day I mentioned to one of my clients, who’s anOrthopedic surgeon, that my knee had started to pop when going up stairs.

I'm not sure what response I expected – you see I’ve been very disappointed with Orthopedic surgeons over the years. I’ve personally found them to be very narrow minded in their approach to dis-ease in the body.

She laughed at my question, and asked me if I was over thirty? I replied that I was!

“Its OA then!” was her response.” Osteoarthritis?” I asked. “No OA – old age” she said in a dismissive way.

So that was it… my knee popping was due to ageing and there was nothing to be done about it. No discussion of muscular imbalances around the knee, no suggestion of instability or weakness due to my broken foot.

OA – that’s BS I thought!

I resolved that I’d fix the popping within 2 weeks.

Well, 2 weeks of trigger point work using the Tension Release Balls on the ITB and Quadriceps for a few minutes a day, and some basic stability and strengthening exercises for my ankle and knee taken from the Opening the Energy Gates sequence and the popping has gone.

I can walk up stairs with no sign of the previous problem.

If I’d simply listened to my client who knows what state my knee would be in a few years time.

Now, I’m not saying we should never go to the doctor or never seek an expert opinion but I do encourage you strongly to learn how to take care of your own body.

Many of the aches and pains in the body can be attributed to misalignment, or imbalances around the joints and most of these can be rectified with the correct flexibility and strengthening work.

If you want to learn more about taking care of your own body I strongly encourage you to get hold of 5-Minute Flexibility.

Yours in health & happiness

Giles Wiley – The Fitness Gentleman
Fitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

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**The contents of this daily email are not to be considered as medical advice. Always consult a physician before beginning or changing any fitness program.**
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