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Friday, September 14, 2007
Sweet Relief for My Aching Feet
My work with clients means that I'm on my feet for many hours a day. Combine that with my bare foot martial-arts training and it means my feet can take so serious stress in a week.

Maybe it's a coincidence but not only have my own feet been aching more lately a large number of clients and friends have been complainng of the soles of their feet and their heels being painful and tender.

I'm convinced that much of this pain can be traced back to our increased wearing of flip-flops and sandals over the summer months. I've also linked the use of cardio machines such as the Precor Cross Trainer to foot pain.

Both flip-flop/sandal wearing and certain cardiovascular exercise machines such as the Cross-Trainer force you to grip with the bottom of your foot. Often unconsciously you are curling your toes under and tightening the mucles and fascia on the sole of the foot. These msucles aren't used to much activity hence we get muscle soreness and eventually inflammation of the fascia (plantar fasciatis) which can spread up into the back of the heel - the archilles region.

Rolling with the Tension Release balls is the number one best way I've found to help relieve this problem, that and cutting out the Cross Trainer and limiting sandal wearing.

You can roll the base of the foot in a number of different ways but I find the most effective for releasing the tension and being the most time efficient is rolling in a seated positon. Simply place the ball on the groundsomething I can do while I read of work on the computer

The added bonus (major bonus) of rolling the soles of the feet with the Tension Release Balls is the energy surge you'll feel. I get up pretty early some mornings (about 4.30am) and I've discovered that if I roll my feet while I eat breakfast I'm energized for hours afterwards. In Chi-Gong we'd say that you're stimulating the kidney points but it also has a lot to do with the tension release from the fascia and muscle. Holding tension drains energy big time.
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