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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
I Woke Up in Agony
I woke up on Saturday morning in so much pain. My legs and feet ached and my back was stiff and sore. I knew it would hurt to get out of bed but I had to get up.

I’d done a long run on the soft sand of the beach pushing the baby jogger the night before. It was a gorgeous evening and I loved it but I sure was paying for it on Saturday morning.

I hobbled through to the Lounge and with a groan reached under the coffee table for my trustee Tension Release Balls. I felt tired and sluggish – the tightness in my body was draining my energy

First I had to release those tight aching feet. I sat on the couch a rolled my foot backwards and forwards over the ball for a minute. Gradually I pushed down harder as I felt the tension releasing – I repeated with the other foot and straight away felt better. I could finally sit upright.

I slid down onto the carpet and placed the ball in a key trigger point on the outside of my hip. With each breath out I sank deeper into the ball and felt my muscles relaxing, I twisted my body and moved the ball to another key point and instantly felt more relief…

With a feeling of lightness in my body I slowly stood up and started circling my ankles then knees then hips – I moved in spirals up my body and by the time I’d finished there was no more aching or stiffness. I felt energized and raring to go.

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Yours in health

Giles Wiley – The Fitness GentlemanFitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

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