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Friday, June 6, 2008
Pain is only Temporary?
I was recently on my friend Jon Hinds web-site and thought I’d steal this great quote;

“Pain is a warning sign to be listened to. The problem is most people ignore it and accept it as a way of life that leads to less and less movement and activity. We can learn from aches and pains to re-balance our bodies and minds to revive our health and happiness” ~ Jon Hinds, Owner & Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym

I’ve been hearing more and more personal trainers and coaches lately throwing around military slogans such as, “Pain is only weakness leaving the body” or “Pain is temporary Victory is forever!”

Maybe these sorts of slogans are OK if you’ve got only 6 weeks to get recruits ready for War.

But our focus needs to be on long term health not juts short term survival.

Generally these sorts of sayings are thrown around by 20 some-things who don’t realize by 40 they’re going to be a mess of hip, knee shoulder and back pain.

I really want you all to be fit and healthy and pain free at 93!

So, work out intelligently, exercise the body as one harmonious unit and unless you’re getting ready for War remember that pain is there for a reason...

…to let us know when we are misaligned, when our muscles and fascia have built up trigger points, when we need to take some time to work on healing ourselves.

“5-Minute Flexibility” is now available on DVD and it’s designed to relieve muscle and joint pain and realign your body for energy, strength and flexibility.

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Yours in health & happiness
Giles Wiley – The Fitness GentlemanFitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

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