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Monday, June 23, 2008
The Power of 3 for Fat Loss & optimal Health
In his excellent book “The Success Principles” Jack Canfield talks about the power of 5.

He says if you were to take a very sharp axe to a large tree and take just 5 good swings at it every day – no matter how large the tree was eventually it would come down.

No matter how huge your goals and dreams seem right now – if you take a few concerted steps each and every day you will eventually attain them.

I personally find 5 a little too much for me and most of my clients.

In fact, we’ve found 3 to be the magic number when it comes to goal attainment.

Start each day by asking yourself these questions:

1) What 3 things can I do today to move me towards my goals?

2) Who can help me with these?

3) How will I feel once I’ve completed them?

Write out the 3 things you plan to accomplish.

Pay particular attention to who can help you because this really is a team sport and having the support and assistance will make or break you in pursuing your goals.

Take some time to actually feel what it will be like when you’ve accomplished these 3 tasks – the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, pride, joy - the knowledge that you’ve moved measurably closer towards achieving your goals!

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Yours in health & happiness

Giles Wiley – The Fitness Gentleman
Fitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

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